1.Report Related FAQ

Growth+ Reports portfolio of services draws on our core capabilities of secondary & primary research. We use paid databases for gathering trade data. We undertake two market sizing approaches simultaneously, namely, the top-down and bottom-up approaches. In this step, we assess different data points, numeric attributes, information, and industry trends to arrive at the estimates and forecast values for the coming years.

For each research study, we deploy our specialized scouting team for procuring primary interview respondents. These include researchers, technical analysts, and key personnel in the market/industry stakeholders. Post screener assessment, the interviews are conducted by the research team working on the study, thereby extracting the best information from the discussion. Growth+ Reports uses tools such as video conferences, telephone calls, face-to-face interviews, and questionnaires. The interviews cover a wide range of topics, from specific technical product concerns to insights into the industry's local and macroeconomic drivers.

Growth+ research projects are designed to be accessible to a broad audience. However, if you require any specific customizations, we may offer reports that are tailored to your needs. In case of any questions, please feel free to drop us a query by clicking on the “Inquire Before Buying” tab adjacent to the report. Also, you may contact us at email: enquire@growthplusreports.com; or by phone at: .+44 808 238 7532

Growth+ Reports research team is informed of your customized requirement (sent by mail or via a call). The research team designs a study that is focused on your requirements after assessing the feasibility. The research team may also request a call with you to discuss customization requirements and propose viable solutions.

Yes, after receiving your sample request, the sales team will provide you with a demo version of the study. This document is intended to give a general overview of the report format, research methodology, and sample market data for pre-purchase data validation.

The reports are delivered in PDF formats. Moreover, our can also avail the report PPT, and Excel formats, on special requests. Please contact our team to opt report in your desired format.

We provide clients with specialized studies that are focused on certain objectives. To gain a better perspective, you can avail yourself of product review calls with our analyst. You can let us know what customizations you need, and we will serve you the best of our capabilities

With our knowledge archives and specialized processes for delivering targeted and client-centric studies, we aim to assist our clients to scale and optimize their marketing intelligence initiatives. In an attempt to do so, we offer our clients the following services:

         1.Growth+ Reports will provide free analyst hours for last-minute consulting with every purchase of our report

         2.Identify the best opportunities for the disease/product market through which you can organize sales and marketing efforts.

         3.We also provide 2 Free Industry expert discussions with each report through GRG Health’s panel of experts and KOLs.

Growth+ Reports maintains a database of reports and market updates, albeit not all of them are posted as separate studies. If you can't find what you are searching for, kindly get in touch with the sales staff (by phone or email) and arrange for an analyst to call or leave a message to go over your needs.

Research studies or reports are updated annually or depending on the traction & need based on the prevalent market dynamics. Please connect with our sales representatives to learn about a report update status.

The price and timeline of a report will be shared with you by the sales representative, post finalizing the scope of the report. In order to support our clients with their research & consulting needs, we have designed a special pricing policy based on discounts and payment plans. Contact us at email: enquire@growthplusreports.com; for more information.

2.Ordering and Delivery

Please follow the instructions below:
  • Step 1: - Select a report you want to buy. Choose the desired license option and click the “Buy Now” option available on the right-hand side of the report description page. Fill out billing information and proceed.
  • Step 2: - Make payment through Bank Wire Transfer, PayPal, or Razorpay.
  • Step 3: - We will send you an invoice.

The reports are delivered within the timelines as mentioned in the report purchase page, post payment confirmation. Due to the different time zones, certain clients might experience a delivery delay. However, after payment confirmation, all published reports are delivered within 48 hours. Please note that you will be contacted the next business day if you make your purchase on a weekend or holiday.

The report in a requested format (PDF/PPT/Excel) will be sent to you electronically at your registered email address. To ensure that our mails are getting delivered to your inbox, please whitelist our domain, i.e. growthplusreports.com. You can also mark “not spam” for any of the emails received from Growth+ Reports.

You should have the proper authority to make the purchase if you are placing an order on behalf of a company.
  • 1.Ordering by Telephone: Call us at +44 808 238 7532 and speak with our customer service representative to place an order.
  • 2.Ordering by Email:: Send all your requirements and questions to  enquire@growthplusreports.com. Do include your details including billing & delivery address along with the preferred mode of payment. Our representatives will contact you within a day.

3.Purchase Options, Payment, and Invoicing

Product licenses control the distribution and circulation rights. We offer:
  • 1.Single-User License: Provides access to one user only and should not be shared with other employees within the organization.
  • 2.Five-User License: Provides access to up to five users within the department or an organization.
  • 3.Enterprise License: Provides access to all the employees in the organization. The report can also be shared with subsidiaries, sister concerns and group entities.
  • 4.Data Pack: Grants user/users’ access to quantitative data only, which includes but is not restricted to numeric data, tables, and charts as defined by Growth+ Reports.

Yes, we provide a combi discount on multiple purchases of the report. Please connect with our sales team for more information.

Yes, Growth+ Reports offers a license upgrade feature after purchase.

Our top goal is to protect the confidentiality of the client’s information. Our dependable partners Razorpay and PayPal assist us in facilitating safe transactions. We do not save your information; all payments are made through Razorpay and PayPal .

Immediately following the purchase, you will receive an electronic invoice for your purchase. In order to aid in purchasing decisions, Growth+ Reports also offers Pro-forma bills to its clients. Contact us at: enquire@growthplusreports.com if you have any additional questions.

Once made, payments are not refundable. This is a standard business and industry policy. As the use of our products or reports is predicated on the idea of information transfer, refunds cannot be given once the client has received the study. Growth+ Reports offers all its clients thorough and open pre-purchase facilities in an effort to prevent such circumstances.

Rarely do issues with payment processing arise. If the gateway is unable to validate your credit card data, you will be notified when you complete the payment form. Most frequently, there is a problem with the billing address not matching. Incorrect credit card information has also been a source of problems. Please double-check that the information you enter is accurate. Make sure that you have authorization from the bank to make international payments. However, if you encounter any further problems, kindly get in touch with us so that we can investigate them right away.

4.Post-Sale Queries

Growth+ Reports will provide free analyst hours for last-minute consulting with every purchase of our report.

All market participants along the entire value chain are taken into account in the design of our study. However, owing to the nature of the consulting industry, requirements may vary across a wide range. Prior to making a purchase, we request you share your customization request. However, if you can't find what you need in our report, kindly request post-sale customization.

We offer our clients a free 10% customization on the syndicated report. If you haven't used this service as a pre-sale facility, we kindly ask that you communicate your needs to our sales staff. The research team, after conducting feasibility check, will revert with the new scope of the post-sale customization along with the price (if applicable) and the timeline.

You may reach us at: